Making competencies work – the nuts and bolts of your organisation

nuts and bolts of competencies

Embedding a competency framework across all your assessment processes is another critical step to making your framework come alive. It is surprising how often we find that different processes (e.g., leadership development programmes, 360 degree questionnaires and executive search briefs) adopt different criteria and use language that is not consistent with the core behavioural expectations in the organisation. You may need to: Review your job descriptions to ensure they don’t…

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Bringing your competency framework to life

spring clean competencies

In our last blog post we looked at how to spring clean your competency framework. Once you’ve refreshed and updated it, you can begin to think about where the opportunities are for competencies to show their face in the day to day operation of your organisation. In what ways are competencies visible?  What would you see if a competency framework was really ‘alive’? Competencies can be expressed in any of…

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PDR process within the Police – do your systems comply?

Police performance management

If you’re based within a police force, you’ll know that the National College of Policing is mandating that an annual performance review or PDR is to take place.   For this, you’ll need a robust, reliable performance management software tool which has already shown to meet the demands of flexible PDR dates, fit with the ways in which Police forces operate and work to accommodate today’s working practices. But most performance management software…

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Time to spring clean your competency framework?

If you already have a competency framework that has been in place for more than a couple of years, it may be in need of a strategic review and see how it’s working for your business. Probably a good first step is to look at how and where your competencies are used and where they can be reinforced.  To help, here’s a list of the reference points and factors for you to bear in…

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Time to revisit your competency framework?

Just when you thought that competency frameworks were all but dead,  we’re seeing a resurgence in the market. Many invested in competency frameworks during the 90s heyday – and have retained a firm belief in the unrealised potential of a common language for performance and behaviour – and now we’re witnessing a number of organisations ‘refreshing’ their frameworks and committing renewed energy to bringing them to life and putting competencies to work. But we’re also seeing organisations who have…

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