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Performance Over Time

Looks at performance over time and highlights the top current performance and the top improvers

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Team Overview

Gives managers a team overview of the performance review process

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Request Feedback

Enables instant feedback to be gathered on specific objectives

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Update an Objective

Quick and easy to create or update objectives and development goals

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Talent Planning

Assign talent categories to help locate future talent

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Helpful Checklist

Helpful prompts to guide you through your performance review

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Team Performance Data

Keep track of your team's performance

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Profile Summary

Summary dashboard showing previous and current review scores

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Objectives Engagement

See how engaged your people are with achieving their objectives

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Supporting Continuous Performance Management

Talent Performance gives you unbeatable flexibility and practical simplicity and focuses on continuous performance and development conversations.

It links individual goals to organisational objectives, supports managers in their regular check-ins and enables HR to track, monitor and report at the touch of a button. Easy to get started and straightforward to use. Talent Performance is used by large and small organisations alike and easily tailored to suit culture. Talent Performance can support the cultural change needed towards a more feedback friendly organisation.

What is Continuous Performance Management?

Continuous Performance Management is the approach to regular performance review conversations that takes place throughout the year, rather than the traditional annual (or six monthly) appraisal.

Such regular conversations help individuals to understand, ‘own’ and track their progress towards their goals. Real-time feedback is offered and action planned.

Find out more about how to transition to Continuous Performance Management

FREE eBook Continuous Performance Management -  and how to get started!

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    What’s going on with performance management?

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      Supporting PDRs at Thames Valley Police

      Thames Valley Police uses Talent Performance and has been judged to be “outstanding” in its use of resources in its latest PEEL assessment. Read more >>

      Ensuring a shared understanding of goals at Group

      To achieve its strategic goals each one of Muñoz’s employees in the UK now understands their specific contribution, role and goals. Read more >>

      Financial Services organisation: aligning individuals’ goals with those of the business

      Replaced a paper-based performance review system to provide a more consistent and action-oriented approach and greater insight for the management team.

      MeetingZone: aligning individuals’ goals with those of the business

      Developed a feedback-friendly culture in which feedback is given, sought, and accepted readily, developing coaching and performance management skills across all managers.

      Talent Performance Summary Features

      • Multi-lingual interface and preferred language settings
      • An end-user oriented ‘Wall’ that contains events, actions and a dashboard
      • Organisation chart display of team structure
      • Create, cascade and align with Organisational or Team Objectives
      • Get Feedback on Objectives & Development Goals
      • Customisable review dates to align with promotion or start dates
      • Administrator functionality to create Behaviour assessments
      • End-user functionality to document evidence of Competence based on role profile
      • End-user functionality to record evidence against Activity Types
      • End-user functionality to create Interim reviews
      • Comprehensive Progress & Sign-off Dashboards
      • Extensive Reporting, Benchmarking and exports

      Get in touch for a full feature listing.

      Request a full feature list

      How our continuous performance management software will help you to:

      • Set, update and track objectives for performance appraisal
      • Drive cultural change to create a more feedback-friendly and agile culture
      • Give and receive performance feedback online at any time
      • Align organisational goals with those of teams and individuals
      • Get interim and snapshot views of progress
      • See how well continuous performance management is working using our unique CPM Index
      • Configure the software in look, language and workflow – and tailor this for different groups

      Continuous Performance Management to support cultural change

      Introducing Continuous Performance Management can help support the cultural change you may be looking for.

      You may want your employees to take more ownership for meeting and exceeding their goals. Or for managers to adopt a more coach-style approach to performance review.

      Find out how to get started with our eBook. Get your copy now.

      driving cultural change

      Ready for the next step? Schedule a demo of this performance appraisal software, or learn more by reading our product flyer.

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      Read our independent product reviews to see what our customers say.

      Independent Capterra product reviews

      Talent management software for SME

      Watch our Talent Performance videos:

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      Introducing Performance

      Take a look at how Talent Performance® works to get
      people engaged with Continuous Performance Management.

      Introducing Continuous Performance Management

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      The Head Light
      Continuous Performance

      Find out how this Index –
      only in Talent Performance –
      can show you how continuous performance management is
      being used across the organisation.

      Continuous Performance Management Index (CPM Index)

      continuous performance management index

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      How to cascade
      organisational objectives

      See how straightforward it is
      to cascade your organisation’s objectives to teams and individuals using Talent Performance.

      Cascading Organisational Objectives

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      Client case: Talent
      Performance in the
      Muñoz Group

      Hear how the Muñoz Group
      in the UK helped all their
      people understand their objectives and how they fit with the business goals by using Talent Performance.

      The Muñoz Group uses Talent Performance and Talent 360

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      What does a good
      development goal look like?

      Explains how to write a development objective to
      ensure it can be monitored, measured and achieved

      What does a good development goal look like?

      development goal look like

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      What does a good
      objective look like?

      Learn what it takes to write a
      good objective and how to
      apply STREAMS

      What does a good objective look like?

      writing a good objective

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      Performance Management
      Analytics: Part 1

      See how HR and line managers
      can check on the progress of individual and team objectives and
      analyse talent data using the Analytics engine of Talent Performance.

      Performance Management Analytics: Part 1

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      Complete Performance
      Management and
      Appraisal Software

      A two minute introduction to
      online Talent Performance®-
      giving a great overview of how
      it looks and works for managers
      and their team members.

      Complete Performance Management and Appraisal Software

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      Is Continuous Performance
      Management working?

      Organisations are introducing Continuous Performance Management – and there can be real benefits. Learn the key analytics that you need to look at to know how it’s working for you.

      Is Continuous Performance Management working?

      How do you know continuous performance management is working

      Book a Talent Performance Demo

      We’d love to explore with you how our performance management software may support you – and we can do this by taking you through a demonstration.

      Please complete the form and we’ll get back to you to confirm and send you details.

      In summary, Talent Performance will:

      • Align and engage your employees with their objectives – ensuring that they get the continuous performance feedback, direction and development they need
      • Support line managers as they tackle difficult-to-have performance conversations
      • Track and monitor the progress of objectives – and of the performance review process itself
      • Give you immediate access to accurate, real-time performance results to support reporting to the Leadership team or Board

      Become a partner

      The Talent Performance technology is available to partner organisations that want to make use of its power and flexibility to run a performance management review for their clients.

      Visit our Consulting Partners page for more details.

      • Easy to use, modern, and very flexible; Talent Cloud can -and has- really evolved with us.

        Allison Miller, Muñoz Group

      • The solution was implemented very quickly within the organisation going from a paper based labour intensive process to a much more modern, engaging experience.

        Marc Sumner, BGL Group

      • Since moving to Talent Performance, the PDR is written more thoughtfully, more concisely and is better structured – and that’s due to the fields available and the structure of the system.

        Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police

      • As we develop our own performance management capabilities, it’s great to know that Talent Performance keeps pace with us, and at no extra cost.

        Jenny Barnes, MeetingZone

      • We were very clear at the outset that we wanted this new approach to performance feedback and management to be driven by the individual: it is to be their responsibility to seek out and record feedback – rather than their manager.

        Jenny Barnes, MeetingZone

      • We are tighter, sharper and more mobile since adopting Talent Performance

        Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police