What if… you could fill more positions internally?

If you could fill more of your vacant positions internally not only would you be calling on your recruitment agency less and referring to your succession plan more – but you’d be offering your high potential people real career progression.

With a stronger capability to identify, track and monitor key positions, you will be able to spot those who are potential successors, develop the skills needed and fill more positions internally.

In organisations where a robust and up-to-date succession plan is in place, people are more engaged, they develop their own career plan and know the next step to take. When you can promote or fill positions internally, you’ll find on-boarding takes less time and contribution is made more readily.

But how do you achieve this?

You’ll need a reliable and accessible succession planning tool – and in an ideal world you’ll be connecting it with an effective competency framework, an embedded 360 review process, an agile performance management approach and a career path mapping tool for your people.

But let’s take one step at a time.

Start to build the capability of, and knowledge about, your people, keep this up to date and then start to demonstrate career pathways to help retain key staff and show them how their career can play out with you.

We know how to implement this as a whole or as a staged programme – and we know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Talent Successor® gives you strategic ‘line of sight’ of the people in your organisation – where they are today and where they could be. You’ll be able to build specific talent pools and see where the gaps are between current capabilities and those needed in the future. Furthermore, you’ll be able to answer key talent questions asked of you by your Board.
  • Talent Navigator® will help to show your people their future path mapped out with you: should they decide to stay, you can better plan for talent succession.
  • Talent 360® provides the ability to roll-out 360 assessment questionnaires to ask for specific feedback from team members and colleagues based on the particular behaviours and competencies needed for the job.  Not just part of an annual review, 360 degree feedback can be used as projects progress or when specific feedback is needed.
  • We’ll support you to develop or update your competency framework to make sure you know what you need for the future – before you begin to plug any competency gap.

And we’ll be with you as you introduce these new tools and this new approach.

If you are ready to start to look at how you can fill more positions internally, then please get in touch.

  • Talent Successor® is customisable for us and the way we work today, but can change with us as our business grows

    Jo Griffiths, Patterson Medical

  • Head Light has helped us take this important step in the adoption of talent management practices.

    Clair Clarke, Trapeze Group UK

  • We know we have made the right choice.

    Clare Hannah, DB Cargo

  • The system is impressive and the possibilities are endless.

    Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police