What if… you could retain employees without increasing pay?

Understanding how to retain employees requires a close look at the complex mix of building a strong engagement with the business, and employee confidence and ability to plan and implement a career with you.

You may have in place succession plans, but career planning is your people’s opportunity to map out their own growth in the business. If they feel valued and understand the role they play, you are likely to retain them. But sometimes we misunderstand and, rather than investing in this, we merely increase the remuneration package hoping to win people’s engagement and adding to payroll costs.

By looking at how you can engage with employees and offer them a reason for staying in terms of a career plan, you can increase retention and reduce attrition without adding to the payroll.

But how can you reduce employee turnover?

You’ll want to support career planning through an always-available tool for your people. It would map out career paths, model routes and offer role profiles so that people can project themselves forward.

You no doubt look at the results of, and take action from, an employee engagement survey – not just looking at single overall score but cutting the data however you want and looking at engagement trouble hot spots across the business.

You may want to look at your performance management process and encourage better performance conversations so people understand the role they play, their contribution to the business and receive openly feedback that they receive, seeing it as a way to develop.

We can be with you every step of the way as you develop your talent management activities.

  • Talent Successor® provides the ability for you to build and monitor talent pools for the roles you see as being significant or in need of a future succession plan.
  • Talent Navigator® offers your people to plan and map their career through your organisation: when they see their future path mapped out and decide to stay, you can better plan for talent succession.
  • Talent Performance® is an accessible, easy-to-use on-line tool through which everyone can track their own performance objectives and how they progress against these. It gives them a ‘wall’ on which people can post feedback giving instant feedback on how they are doing.
  • Talent En-Gauge® gives you the tool and capability to not only survey engagement levels but to look at trouble hot spots and see what action needs taking – and gives you ideas of next steps to take.

We know the importance of getting it right when you introduce new software and processes, so we are here to help.

  • We’ll train your Administrators in our software and be there for them when they need support and answers.
  • Our consulting team will make sure that our tools fit with your processes and business: we know that there is no ‘one size fits all’.
  • Our system is available 100% of the time: we had no unscheduled downtime at all in 2013 – so this will mean your people can access their data and information at any time.

If you’re ready to look at how you can reduce attrition but not increase pay, please get in touch.

  • Head Light has helped us take this important step in the adoption of talent management practices.

    Clair Clarke, Trapeze Group UK

  • Working together with Head Light’s practical business psychologists gave us a great sounding board to check out our ideas and provided a different perspective to our thinking. It meant that we could still own the project internally and for it not to be seen as an external consultancy exercise, but still being able to draw on Head Light’s expertise and experience.

    Peter Hawes, Horsham District Council

  • Head Light challenged our thinking and helped us explore what we really wanted from our programme.

    Annette Cairns, Ramsay Health Care

  • Head Light takes the time to understand us

    Sue Scouler-Davison, Travis Perkins

  • The team at Head Light was a great support as we carried out a competency audit of our global leadership team.  They guided us through the design and implementation stage, making valuable practical suggestions which really worked.

    Antoinette Quinn, Aer Rianta International