What if… you could spend less on training yet still develop potential?

Spending less on standard training courses and yet still developing your people’s potential is attractive. But how can you help your managers and leaders to identify and encourage this development?

You may ask them to start by looking at the areas flagged by the appraisal assessment – and then look at how best to improve those areas. Is it a training course that’s needed – or a coaching conversation, or on the job experience or exposure to a new situation?

Having this information about focused development areas and bringing coaching conversations into every working life between managers and team members will lead to more individualised development – and removes the reliance on generic training courses. Answering this question will also focus mangers on a new role: that of coach to their team.

And another question for you. From the appraisal information, how clear is it to see the key areas for development and to spot those with the potential to grow into other job roles – or does your assessment not give you these signposts?

So, how can you develop potential?

The key is to tailored and individualised development is to know what skills are needed for a role and to give your managers the tools to not only spot where development is needed and where potential sits, but to then structure the conversation with their team member.

They’ll need on-line, easily accessible information on development needs and a place to record development, and they’ll also need to acquire the skills to hold these conversations confidently.

To get started you’ll need a talent management tool which draws together and signposts the learning and development needs, and a way to look at the impact of coaching and intervention over time. We can help you with:

  • Talent 360 – our 360 degree feedback appraisal tool which provides the ability to look at what competencies are needed – and where there are skills gaps.  A specific ‘high potential’ indicator can be built in so you can see those capable of moving on.
  • Talent Performance – to help define, cascade and manage objectives right across the organisation.
  • Talent Advance – to support accelerated development planning by giving you a place to monitor, track and take action on the key areas.
  • Talent SafeGuard – to record and track essential skills and related training and qualifications.

We’ll be with you every step of the way as you introduce these new tools, after all, we know the importance of getting it right when you introduce new software and processes.

  • We’ll support you in your journey to help  managers to be more involved in getting the best from their people through our Talent Management for Managers course.
  • We can train your Administrators and be there for them when they need support and answers.
  • We can support those giving feedback from 360 reviews to get the very best from these conversations.
  • Our system is available 100% of the time: we had no unscheduled downtime at all in 2013 – so this means your people can access their development plans at any time.

If you are ready to look at how you can develop your people, but reducing your training costs, please get in touch.

  • As we develop our own performance management capabilities, it’s great to know that Talent Performance® keeps pace with us, and at no extra cost.

    Jenny Barnes, MeetingZone

  • The team at Head Light was a great support as we carried out a competency audit of our global leadership team.  They guided us through the design and implementation stage, making valuable practical suggestions which really worked.

    Antoinette Quinn, Aer Rianta International

  • We know that Talent Successor® has the capability of not only being customisable for us and the way we choose to work today, but also to change with us as our business grows.

    Jo Griffiths, Patterson Medical

  • Working with Head Light is a really positive experience.

    Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police

  • Working with Head Light’s business psychologists gave us a great sounding board to check out our ideas and provided a different perspective to our thinking.

    Peter Dawes, Horsham District Council

  • We were very clear at the outset that we wanted this new approach to performance feedback and management to be driven by the individual: it is to be their responsibility to seek out and record feedback – rather than their manager.

    Jenny Barnes, MeetingZone

  • 93% of those who have been through the WM360 process agreed or strongly agreed that the WM360 system was easy to use and 96% agreed or strongly agreed that the report useful and easy to understand.

    Samantha Darby, IEWM

  • Using Talent 360® has given our managers an easy-to understand process and a sharp focus on the development areas needed. The feedback has been positive regarding the reports and the value of the information they give.

    Peter Dawes, Horsham District Council