Administrator training

Deploying a talent management software system requires robust and secure software – and great administrators.

Administrator training for your organisation and your system

As standard, we’ll train your Talent® administrators in whatever they need to know for your organisation, tailoring the content and using your own system. And when you are ready for more detail or depth of knowledge we can take your knowledge further with advanced training.

On-site or off-site: your choice

We can do this Administrator training on-site at your office if you want a more intense training session – or via WebEx through a number of shorter focused sessions at critical times of the project. It’s up to you. And we’ll carry on supporting you at the end of the phone or webinar for a full month – and then via our Helpdesk.

On-going support and service

We continue to support our clients well beyond initial training. Our stats speak for themselves. In a typical year, our average response rate is under 48 minutes and calls are resolved the same working day or the next.

Grow when you’re ready

We know that it can be ‘information overload’ when you learn a new system. That’s why we take it at your pace.

When you are ready to explore the system more, we’ll be ready to guide you.

This Administrator training course:

Frequently Asked

The platform administrator is instrumental to effective roll-out. Get trained not only in the talent system but also in project management to know what actions to take and when and how to gain buy-in.

Seek practical, pragmatic support to set up, adapt and upload to the system. Get onsite and online support when needed. Check trainers are experienced platform testers, knowing the system inside out.

Check out the initial training format, the background, experience and knowledge of the trainers, the process for requesting support, the speed of response and an SLA with response metrics included.  

Users of talent management systems have the best ideas as to how the platform can be improved. Look for a supplier that invites your comments, hosts a User Group and makes regular software updates.