Talent Successor

Talent Successor is online succession planning software like nothing else. It embeds succession planning throughout your organisation, ensuring talent continuity.

Succession planning software: providing a strategic line of sight

Talent Successor is online succession planning software like nothing else. It embeds succession planning throughout your organisation, ensuring talent continuity.

Succession planning has moved on from the days of spreadsheets, talent reviews behind closed doors and only the top talent being considered. Succession planning now touches all those across the organisation.

Talent Successor supports you to do this.

What is succession planning?

Succession planning is the process through which organisations identify and develop potential future leaders, senior managers or business-critical positions.

It identifies critical roles, areas of succession risk and important talent gaps. It mitigates business risk and helps retain talent.

Succession plans pulled together from various sources are cumbersome to create, quickly become out of date and, often based on manual input, subject to human error.

Succession planning software changes all that.

What are the benefits of succession planning and the succession planning software

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It explains the fundamental activities of defining critical roles, identifying potential and managing the talent pool through succession planning talent review meetings. 

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Up-to-date and accurate

Talent Successor offers a single and straightforward-to-configure-and-use platform to accommodate all talent – however you choose to define this.

Access instant reporting and drill deep into the data via the analytics portal.

No more spreadsheets, just real-time data at the click of a button.


Strategic line of sight

Talent Successor offers a strategic ‘line of sight’ for key talent in your organisation – where they are today and where they could be. You can build specific talent pools and see immediately the gaps between current capability and that needed for the future. With Talent Successor, you will be able to answer key talent questions asked by your Board and build robust and realistic succession plans. You may also want to find out how 360 degree feedback can help spot potential.

How online succession planning software supports your organisation.

Additional Information


Succession Planning: analysing key talent data at HomeServe

HomeServe introduced Talent Successor to identify and track readiness of its key talent and to centralise talent data across its operations.


Reinventing Succession Planning at McDonald’s

McDonald’s has moved away from a paper- and spreadsheet-based talent management approach and deployed Talent Successor to capture career aspirations, support career conversations and manage succession and talent risk.

Talent Successor Summary Features
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Frequently Asked

Succession planning tools provide accurate and real-time talent information to inform talent reviews and promotions. They provide a strategic view of key talent, critical roles and succession gaps.

Define critical roles, including those for strategy execution. Ditch spreadsheets and get succession planning software. Identify successors for key roles, assess succession risk and talent flight risk.

Leverage the platform to search for specific skills or experience across the talent pool. Review potential successors marked for other roles. Access the list of those ready for a new challenge.  

Spreadsheet-based planning gets outdated fast and is prone to error. A lack of integration with other talent activities can leave succession planning isolated. Decisions can lack objectivity.