Talent 360

Not all 360-degree feedback platforms are the same.

360 degree feedback software - spot potential, pinpoint development focus, embed recognition

Talent 360 takes online 360-degree feedback well beyond other tools in the market.

The benefits of online 360 reviews are well known. They provide a baseline for employee personal and professional development, insight into workforce development needs and identify high potential and future leaders.

Head Light’s Talent 360 gives you this – and more.

Encourage and create a feedback culture.

Talent 360 makes it simple to seek out and provide feedback for everyone.

While each employee gets to understand the areas for development, they also, thanks to the platform’s kudos capability, discover those areas that are valued, and appreciated by others.

No other 360 system has this built in.

Make 360 relevant and easy to use.

Successful 360-degree feedback deployments depend on their ease of use – and their perceived relevance.

Talent 360 can be shaped and configured to reflect your own organisation – its language, needs and structure – more so, we believe, than other comparable platforms.

Choose from our range of standard, off-the-shelf questionnaires, design your own, or ask us to work with you to create a bespoke questionnaire specific to your organisation.

Our range of result and report formats ensures you and your employees can pinpoint areas of strength and development need.  

Build our 360-degree feedback software into your talent practices to:

Additional Information

Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins: Supporting the development of aspiring branch and store managers

Travis Perkins uses Talent 360 as part of its six-month management development programme to support its aspiring managers.

Ramsay Health Care

Ramsay Health Care: Assess, identify and develop future leaders

Ramsay Health Care is a leading provider of private healthcare and deploys Talent 360® to help those with managerial and clinical responsibilities to display and develop the skills, behaviours and competencies to take the business forward.

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Merging organisations: the role of 360 degree feedback

The bringing together and merging of organisations to create a single new organisation always presents challenges. Learn how Talent 360® supported the merger of a number of local councils as they combined to become a single Authority.

British Transport Police Case Study

British Transport Police: Leadership development using Talent 360

British Transport Police (BTP) has a clear and articulated vision for its future leadership. To achieve this, it has invested in a Leadership Academy to highlight and develop potential – and uses Talent 360 as part of this.

Talent 360 Summary Features
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Frequently Asked

The best 360 has customisable questionnaires, automated reminders, rich analytics and configurable reporting. It is easy to access, tracks development and integrates with other talent processes.

360 helps team members to understand each other’s contribution and how they work together. It highlights areas of group development need and benchmarks pre- and post-training competence.

Specific items in a 360 act as indicators of high potential and future leadership; check your 360 supports this. Also, feedback from direct reports provides unique insights into how managers operate.

360 helps to benchmark the current level of a leader’s competency and identifies areas of development. Use these to build a development plan. Reassess post-development to check on progress.