Assessment design of specific assessment tools

Identifying talent requires objective and robust assessment.

Off-the-shelf assessments have their place – and are great at identifying generic traits and abilities.

But at times you need something more specific to reflect your organisation or roles or culture.

We develop, test and validate bespoke assessments across all sectors, at every level of talent and every stage of talent management.

Our bespoke assessment design service can design:

  • assessments for use at performance appraisal.
  • 360 degree feedback assessments for learning and development planning, and high potential identification.
  • exercises to differentiate between higher and lower performers.

Our assessment design and development approach is straightforward:

Practical skills – not just the theory

We’ll make sure that the assessment is practical, pragmatic and workable – and that the competencies you need are measured across a variety of instruments. And we’ll make sure that you’ll access the information in easy-to-understand and easy-to-read reports.

Your organisation is unique (well, almost)

We’ll identify which competencies lead to success is your organisation – but we’ll build on the knowledge and expertise we have acquired from research and best practice to give a customised assessment. We offer our in-house developed and forward-thinking competence framework as a ‘starter for ten’ if you need it and at no cost.

Assessment design: robust and secure

We provide a complete solution by using our robust on-line Talent® system to deliver the assessments – backed by our service level guarantee.

Designing your own assessment will:

  • Give you a specific range of assessments which gives you the information you need for your organisation
  • Provide clear signposts to the behaviours and skills you need
  • Increase buy-in from applicants and candidates to the process
  • Demonstrate commitment to fair, valid and robust assessment
  • Provide a shared understanding of how to identify and spot potential

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  • Head Light supported, challenged and moderated our suggestions on the behaviours we needed, to ensure we were asking the right questions, in the right way. It was still very much our model but the input we had from Head Light made it tighter, more refined and overall better.

    Glynis Hammond, British Transport Police

  • Working with Head Light is a really positive experience.

    Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police

  • Head Light takes the time to understand us

    Sue Scouler-Davison, Travis Perkins

  • Head Light has helped us take this important step in the adoption of talent management practices.

    Clair Clarke, Trapeze Group UK

  • Working with Head Light’s business psychologists gave us a great sounding board to check out our ideas and provided a different perspective to our thinking.

    Peter Dawes, Horsham District Council