Design a Competency or Skills Framework.

A skills or competency framework right for your organisation and your talent management practices make a real and lasting contribution. Get it wrong – or choose not to have one at all – and performance management and succession planning is compromised.

We’ll start where you are

Whether you have a skills or competency framework already which needs updating, are starting from scratch, or want to take our Head Light Competency Framework and adapt it, our business psychologists will work with you and your project team.

We’ll work out what’s best for you.

A blended approach

We’ll propose a plan based on your timescale, budget, and what you want to achieve.

This could include consulting widely, facilitating focus groups, focusing on discussion with a few core people, and talking widely with HR.

We’ll share with you the pros and cons of each suggested approach, so you can make an informed choice.

Process and politics

Sensitive to internal politics, the need for inclusion, and awareness of historical sensitivities, we know what it takes to design a framework that is accepted and becomes embedded.

But we know when to draw the line – and be pragmatic, practical and respectful of time.

We’ll map out a project road map, update this as we go along and give you the words and messages for you to manage your internal communication.

Testing, trialling and mapping

Whether we facilitate group discussion or focus on core conversations, the draft skills and competency framework will be tested and trialled – using Talent® platform where possible.

We’ll then map the final competencies onto your talent management practices including 360-degree feedback.


We’re not about you depending on us as consultants. That helps no one.

We look to share and transfer our knowledge so you can take the framework forward.

Experience and expertise

Our business psychologists have decades of experience in designing practical and pragmatic skills frameworks – across all sectors.

They how to avoid the pitfalls and how to build in best practice.

Designing a competency framework:

Frequently Asked

A competency framework brings a shared language so that those hiring, developing, promoting, managing and supporting talent understand the essential behaviours and skills needed by the business.

Every organisation is different. Identify the skills, behaviours and values your organisation needs. Translate into your firm’s own language, priorities and focus and build your competency framework.

Understand the future skills needed in the organisation. Review and update your competency or skills framework. Audit your current skillset. Decide and plan to develop or hire essential future skills.

Get a business psychologist to review it. They understand how competencies, behaviours, skills and values work together, and how to design, tweak and update a framework to make it useful and effective.