Talent SafeGuard

Talent SafeGuard gives your employees the tools to manage their own skills development.

Skills Management: By the individual and for the individual

Talent SafeGuard gives your employees the tools to manage their own skills development.

Employees need to take ownership of how their skills are recorded, shared and developed in the forward-looking workplace. The future workforce requires reskilling and upskilling – and you need to empower talent to do this.

Talent SafeGuard helps you to do this.

Employee ownership

Employees choose the skills they want to develop based on their own future career plans and areas to develop.

They can share with those across the organisation details of experience gained outside their current role to showcase their skills and competencies.

It means they take ownership of their skills profile and how it is updated.

HR Leader oversight

Talent SafeGuard offers you, as the HR or talent leader, the ability to collate and track skill availability and training accreditation.

It provides an up-to-date and firm-wide view of skills and experience making it an invaluable tool to interrogate when searching for specific skills for a role or project team.

It is an essential component to create a future-ready and skills-oriented organisation – and a critical tool in talent retention.

Our skills management platform will enable you to:

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Frequently Asked

It has two purposes. Organisational skills capability is viewed centrally to identify strengths or gaps. Employees keep their skills information updated to be considered for new roles or projects.

Invest in an easy-to-use skills management platform. Give employees ownership to update it accurately and interrogate the system when searching for skills or experience for roles or project teams.

Select a configurable skills management platform to benchmark current competencies and skills against what is needed for business success. The subsequent skills gap analysis feeds into L&D plans.

Know the skills required for future business success, assess current skill level and bridge the gap through internal development or new hires. Configurable skills management software is fundamental.