Talent Management for SMEs

Talent management for those not needing an enterprise-wide platform.

Straightforward Customer Focus.

The alternative option if you’re a smaller business may be to choose one of the many limited, standalone systems – but you’ll find that they offer only performance management or only 360 – and not both, or indeed offer anything further. And can they ensure the security and compliance of employee data processing in line with GDPR legislation?

With the right approach, tools and services, bringing together continuous performance reviews, engagement, succession planning and 360 degree feedback, makes good business sense – and now it’s possible for everyone with Talent Cloud® for SMEs.

Talent Cloud® for SMEs is a talent management system that not only offers award-winning online software but takes away all the admin hassle for smaller-sized firms. There’s no fixed term contract. No training costs. No software to install. No technological knowledge needed. Just great talent management software.

We’ll brand, set-up and host your online site within days. We’ll upload your employee details, manage all the processes and report generation. What’s more, we offer three flexible software configuration Plans for you – Base, Evolution & Advanced – that you design around and add to, based on your budget.

Simply, choose the lowest price plan that has the options you need – and then pay for additional options and features as you need them. You can see exactly what you’ll be spending each month per employee.

You’re just getting started. How far do you want to go?

What’s included in each Plan?

The Base Plan

Start here on your talent management journey and bring your managers and employees along with you a step at a time.
£ 2
from per person
per month
  • Employee objectives and goals
  • Development & CPD plans
  • Standard questionnaire and reports
  • Career planning conversations
  • 1 month survey running time
  • And more....

The Evolution Plan

Bring your current talent management processes up to date and build on what works and what people expect.
£ 3
from per person
per month
  • Everything included in the previous package plus
  • Check-in updates
  • Gather feedback from others
  • Next role as seen by the manager
  • A person's potential
  • And more....

The Advance Plan

Bring your current talent management processes up to date and build on what works and what people expect.
£ 6
from per person
per month
  • Everything included in the previous package plus
  • 180° review of values
  • Compare employees
  • Team profile
  • A person's career trajectory
  • And more....

We take away the hassle, and let you be the hero

With higher demands from the business, smaller HR teams and limited admin support, getting to grips with talent management can be daunting.

We provide – as standard – configuration and support services to let you focus on making the biggest impact in HR whilst leaving the software set up and running to us.

We will:

Ready for the next step?

We’d love to explore with you how Talent Cloud® for SMEs could help you with your talent management – and we can do this by taking you through a demonstration.

Please complete the form, and we’ll get back to you to confirm and send you details.

Frequently Asked

Choose one you can add to as needs change. Ensure no fixed term contract, no training needed, and no software installed. Check out the provider’s track record, data security and service reliability.

Choose software and a plan that meets your needs now and can flex as needed. Include 360, performance management, succession planning and employee engagement from £2.50 per person per month.

Smaller firms benefit by setting, sharing and aligning individual and team objectives with those of the company, checking in regularly with employees and providing regular feedback and coaching.

Focus on key talent areas such as setting objectives, development planning, asking for feedback and succession planning. Choose a software system that helps you get started and has add-ons as needed.