Facilitator training

Build an internal pool of 360 feedback facilitators

Investing in 360-degree feedback delivers little benefit if the review and feedback conversation is not handled properly.

Feedback facilitator course for Head Light customersOur Feedback Facilitation course runs as an in-house programme for managers, mentors, coaches and internal HR or development consultants. It teaches them how to interpret, understand, assimilate and discuss a 360 report with those who have completed a 360-review process.

However, the skills learned on this course are transferable to other talent management activities.

At your place or online

This workshop is available in two flexible formats:

  • as an immersive, highly participative, one-day, in-person session with pre- and post-event learning; or
  • as a comprehensive online course delivered in four highly interactive, two-hour modules with ongoing learning activities between sessions.

Practical and interactive

We make best use of the time together, focusing on practising skills, discussion, exploration, feedback and co-coaching. The pre- and post-module or event activities ensure that participants gain the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence.

Everyone completes a Talent 360 review before joining the workshop – either their own organisation’s version or the Head Light Coaching Capability Questionnaire. This provides relevant and ‘live’ material for feedback practice, as well as enabling the participants to experience what it’s like from a different perspective – that of the recipient.

Designed around your organisation

We’ll use your 360 questionnaire as the foundation  – and build from there. Your own organisational language, competencies and processes are used as examples, so your learning is easily transferable back to your workplace.

Facilitated by experts

Your course leaders are business psychologists and experts in coaching and feedback. You’ll gain a sound theoretical background of how best to deliver feedback and learn from their real-world experiences across hundreds of feedback scenarios.

Explore the Head Light Lenses

Unlike any other feedback course, this Facilitation workshop will take you through the different feedback ‘lenses’. We call them lenses because – in much the same way as you would use a different camera lens to achieve a different effect or view, these help the feedback recipient explore, access and see their feedback in different ways.

You’ll get to experience what each is conveying, how the lenses facilitate more positive, productive, action-orientated conversations and how to share and communicate the information with the 360 participant.

Better feedback conversations:

  • Enrich your people’s understanding of their own strengths and areas for development
  • Provide a clear demonstration of your desired corporate behaviour and values
  • Demonstrate commitment to on-going feedback and development
  • Align feedback activity across the organisation
  • Tap into the potential of your people

This course:

  • Helps attendees to interpret, understand and assimilate 360-degree feedback.
  • Explores the Head Light lenses and their application to feedback facilitation.
  • Considers the use of 360 to develop meaningful development plans.
  • Develops and practices feedback skills.
  • Explores what makes for effective feedback.
  • Deals with resistance and challenge.
  • Helps organisations to support behavioural change and improvement as a result of 360, and thus increases return on investment.

  • PAPU-NANU provides me with a new perspective on how to present feedback and I can utilise this in my work.

  • Improves how I present feedback in wider areas of my work – and not just 360 feedback.

  • The course is a good mix of presentation, discussion and exercises.

  • Over 96% of our delegates rate our Facilitator Course as being a ‘very valuable’ learning experience.

  • The sessions made me think, providing an opportunity to evaluate how the reports, their information and the interpretation might be used.

  • The 360 will enable us now to identify future leaders and give these people the opportunity to develop themselves.

  • It was great to have a number of facilitators with different styles: they complemented each other.

  • Very good, high quality materials.

  • The training was clear and friendly, putting the group at ease.

  • Thinking about the subtle differences between giving feedback and coaching was a challenge to us.

  • I really valued the session where we were able to practice feedback and observe others doing this: it cemented the learning.