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Critical Post Risk

Identify those in Critical Posts with no succession plan

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Category Spread

See the breakdown of the different types of talent in your organisation

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Talent Pipeline

See all your succession
plans in one place

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Talent Grid

Understand where your talent fits

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Talent Pool

See your Succession plans in detail and their demographic make-up

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Talent Profile

All on one page talent profile for Talent Reviews

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See it for yourself

Award winning Succession Planning tool

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Talent Planning

Gather talent, mobility and employee aspirations

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What is succession planning?

Succession planning is the process through which organisations identify and develop potential future leaders, senior managers or business-critical positions. Succession plans which are pulled together from various sources are cumbersome to create and soon become out of date. Succession planning software changes that.

What are the benefits of succession planning – and succession planning software?

  • More accurate planning for the future
  • Confidence that your data is up-to-date and relevant
  • Highlight areas of succession risk and help minimise business risk.
  • Spot those with potential – and where bottlenecks might occur.
  • Offer career paths and development for talent
  • Enable employees to indicate their own career plans

Want to know more about Succession Planning, Models and Templates?

Get up to speed on how to introduce robust succession planning – and, when you’re ready, get hold of our Ultimate Guide to Succession Planning eBook.

It explains the fundamental activities of defining critical roles, identifying potential and managing the talent pool through succession planning talent review meetings. Request your copy to be sent straight to your inbox.

Succession planning software: providing a strategic line of sight

Talent Successor is online succession planning software like nothing else. It embeds succession planning throughout your organisation, ensuring talent continuity.

Succession planning has moved on from the days of spreadsheets, talent reviews behind closed doors and only the top talent being considered. Succession planning now touches all those across the organisation.

Talent Successor supports you to do this.

Up-to-date and accurate. A single and straightforward-to-configure-and-use platform to accommodate all talent – however you choose to define this. No more spreadsheets, just real-time data at the click of a button.

Strategic line of sight. Talent Successor offers a strategic ‘line of sight’ for key talent in your organisation – where they are today and where they could be. You can build specific talent pools and see immediately the gaps between current capability and that needed for the future. You will be able to answer key talent questions asked of you by your Board and build robust and realistic succession plans.

You may also want to learn about how 360 degree feedback can help spot potential.

How online succession planning software supports your organisation.

  • Uncovers employees with experience and skills for specific roles.
  • Lets employees identify themselves for progression.
  • Identifies those with high potential and maps their progress.
  • Supports meaningful career conversations.
  • Builds talent pools for ‘at risk’ posts and vacancies.
  • Informs Succession Planning Talent Review meetings.
  • Finds out what development is needed to ensure delivery of the succession plan.
  • Monitors progress of succession plans.

Ultimate Guide to Succession Planning eBook

Talent management software for SME

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    Talent Successor Summary Features

    • Multi-lingual interface and preferred language settings
    • Create Skills, Capability, Qualification Frameworks
    • Organisation chart display of team structure including succession status, potential, flight risk, span
    • Create Talent Pools to succeed person, role, vacancy, other
    • Percentage match against role profile for each member of a Talent Pool
    • Gap Analysis from Talent Pool
    • End-user functionality to edit an About Me skill profiles, with Manager ‘verification’
    • Administrator/Manager/HR Business Partner access to extended items (talent category, flight risk, potential rating)
    • End-user can specify future roles
    • Managers can specify future roles with time frame
    • To create a grid showing users plotted against a performance and potential axes, including within grid positioning for flight risk and readiness
    • Extensive Search, Alerts, Reporting, Benchmarking and exports

    Get in touch for a full feature listing.

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    In summary, Talent Successor:

    • Gives a strategic ‘line of sight’ for key people in your organisation – where they are today and where they could be.
    • Lets you build specific talent pools and to see where the gaps are between current capabilities and those needed in the future.
    • Uncovers employees with experience and skills for specific roles.
    • Answers key talent questions asked of you by your Board relating to succession planning.
    • Monitors progress of succession plans.

    Become a partner

    The Talent Successor technology is available to partner organisations that want to make use of its power and flexibility to run succession planning software for their clients.

    Visit our Consulting Partners page for more details.

    • Talent Successor gives us so much. The information that I need is there when I need it – and importantly all in the same format.

      Chris Fenton, HomeServe

    • With an organisation of our size, we needed to source a platform that would be simple and intuitive for our managers to use across multi-sites and require limited support.

      Meeta Zakharia, McDonald’s

    • Talent Successor® is customisable for us and the way we work today, but can change with us as our business grows

      Jo Griffiths, Patterson Medical

    • With this product, succession planning is an entirely different ball game now.

      Chris Fenton, HomeServe

    • We know we have made the right choice.

      Clare Hannah, DB Cargo

    • Talent Successor is a great product, which has allowed us the flexibility to configure to suit our language and approach to Talent Management.

      Meeta Zakharia, McDonald’s

    • We couldn’t do what we need to do without Talent Successor.

      Chris Fenton, HomeServe

    • Head Light takes the time to understand us

      Sue Scouler-Davison, Travis Perkins

    • Talent Successor adds consistency, professionalism and documentation to our talent planning activity.

      Chris Fenton, HomeServe

    • Working with Head Light is a really positive experience.

      Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police

    • The selection of analytics available was a big attraction for us – the software will help us to effectively foresee and overcome any business risks associated with succession plans and measure the success rates of our pipeline.

      Meeta Zakharia, McDonald’s

    • As we develop our own performance management capabilities, it’s great to know that Talent Performance keeps pace with us, and at no extra cost.

      Jenny Barnes, MeetingZone

    • Head Light has helped us take this important step in the adoption of talent management practices.

      Clair Clarke, Trapeze Group UK