Talent 360 ® gives you valuable insight into how people see their colleagues at work.

You can create and manage bespoke 360 degree feedback programmes that run smoothly with minimum fuss and maximum impact. Your users and coaches will find the reports attractive, illuminating and easy to understand. Our 360 review software has been developed based on real insight from real organisations.

Industry-leading features at a glance

  • Utilise Head Light’s Competency Framework – or use your own.

  • Connect review outcomes directly to talent management activities.

  • Customise to reflect your organisation – in look, language and workflow.

  • Monitor and manage the progress of any 360 review campaign easily through the at-a-glance dashboard.

  • Create benchmarks, run analytics, direct learning and spot potential using your 360 review.

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Become a partner

The Talent 360® technology is available to partner organisations that want to make use of its power and flexibility to run branded 360 degree reviews for their clients.

Visit our Consulting Partners page for more details.

Talent 360: take a closer look

Providing feedback using 360 degree feedback

Talent 360 ® Summary Features

  • Multi-lingual interface and preferred language settings
  • Amend all e-mails sent by the system
  • Functionality to create own assessments
  • Automatic Development Options
  • End-user functionality to create own rating scales, BARS & Likert
  • Define anonymity and confidentiality settings by respondent group
  • Automatic generation of e-mails in accordance with milestones
  • Status Dashboards with auto and manual reminder
  • Generate Feedback Quality Scores
  • A Save As You Go option
  • Ability to use benchmark data in personal reports as a comparison set
  • To create comparison & team reports

Get in touch for a full feature listing.

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  • We chose the Head Light Talent 360® tool for a number of reasons. The language used is excellent. The system offers huge flexibility: it’s capable of being adapted easily so it fits our very specific needs and I am able to run various questionnaires and campaigns across staff and officers, grouped by rank, at the same time.

    Glynis Hammond, British Transport Police

  • There’s a clever part of the Head Light system which allows us to identify specific areas which indicate high potential: I’d not seen that before and it’s proved highly valuable to us.

    Glynis Hammond, British Transport Police

  • The team’s ‘can-do’ attitude, responsiveness and total commitment to effective implementation has meant that Talent 360® has added real value to the SSP Academy Live site.

    Lee Sheldon, SSP


  • Once we saw how intuitive Talent 360® was to use, we were confident that everyone would be able use it – and we were not disappointed.

    Clare Hannah, DB Schenker

  • Using Talent 360® has given our managers an easy-to understand process and a sharp focus on the development areas needed. The feedback has been positive regarding the reports and the value of the information they give.

    Peter Dawes, Horsham District Council

  • There are other 360 systems on the market but we didn’t find any which matched Head Light’s Talent® software for flexibility and usability.

    Clare Hannah, DB Schenker

  • 93% of those who have been through the WM360 process agreed or strongly agreed that the WM360 system was easy to use and 96% agreed or strongly agreed that the report useful and easy to understand.

    Samantha Darby, IEWM

  • Head Light challenged our thinking and helped us explore what we really wanted from our programme.

    Annette Cairns, Ramsay Health Care