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See how Talent
En-Gauge can work
for you

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Highly customisable
survey tool

Secure and easy to
complete online to
reflect your organisation

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Analyse how the
organisation, manager and
individuals themselves
impact engagement levels

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An overview of
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Managers engaging
with their teams

See how well managers
encourage engagement

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Compare managers

Identify and understand who
are the best and worst
managers at engaging their

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Enablers and inhibitors
to increasing engagement

Find out what makes for employee engagement

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Manager Perspective

See how employees
rate managers in your

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En-Gauge Heat Map

Find your engagement
hot-spots and cold-spots interactively and dynamically

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En-Gauge Scores Analytic

Get into the detail - find the engagement issues in any specific group

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Plan and focus employee engagement actions

Talent En-Gauge® measures the employee engagement of your organisation – at any time – using the areas you choose to look at.

You’ll find Talent En-Gauge® goes well beyond usual employee engagement surveys, giving you the ability to analyse your data, compare groups of people and let you see what’s working, and not working, with regard to engagement.

Using Talent En-Gauge will enable you to:

  • Take a snapshot of engagement in your organisation at any time – and plot trends over time
  • Compare engagement across departments, geographies, managers – or any other employee group on which you collect data
  • Use the heatmap to locate the engagement hotspots and coldspots
  • Understand what is helping and hindering employee engagement
  • See how well managers are engaging their teams – and do something about this
  • Get a clear view of what’s important – and not important – to your people
  • Correlate engagement with performance and progression
  • Utilise Head Light’s Model of Engagement – or use your own

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    Watch our Talent En-Gauge videos

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    Introduction to
    Talent En-Gauge

    See how Talent En-Gauge
    delivers employee engagement

    Introduction to Talent En-Gauge

    Talent En-Gauge video overview: employee engagement survey and analytical tool

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    Webinar - The importance
    of getting the right ‘fit’

    Explores why it’s crucial to get
    a good fit between employee engagement software and your organisation’s culture

    Webinar - The importance of getting the right ‘fit’

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    In summary, Talent En-Gauge® will:

    • Provide a view of the level of engagement – and highlight what is important to your people
    • Let you cut and analyse the data in whatever way you wish to
    • Help you to plan, target and implement engagement – and re-engagement – activities
    • Suggest actions for the individual, the line manager and the organisation to take to improve engagement

    Become a partner

    The Talent En-Gauge technology is available to partner organisations that want to make use of its power and flexibility to support their clients in their employee engagement activities.

    Visit our Consulting Partners page for more details.

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