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Stand out further from your competition

When you’re working with small to medium sized businesses, you know that they’re as keen as bigger companies to have reliable employee and talent information to help achieve their business goals – but sometimes they just don’t have the resources, or the know-how, in place.

They’ll turn to you to understand the essentials that they need.

And you have to be confident in the talent management software provider that you may put forward; a software vendor with the functionality and reliability they need, that can be in place within days, that doesn’t need you to become a technical wizard, that combines the innovation and future-proofing you want to make your business stand out from your competition.

Talent Cloud® for SMEs

Based on our customisable, Talent Cloud® talent management system, Talent Cloud® for SMEs contains all the essential elements for a small to medium sized company – but puts the power of tailoring the system in your hands. It offers 3 distinct packages which draw together:

  • performance management,
  • 360 degree feedback,
  • succession planning and
  • employee engagement.

But your clients are not limited by the package they choose.

A range of additional extras can be bolted on so you’re designing their own system for the needs of their business. You can learn more about the packages, the add-ons and how it works, on our Talent Cloud for SMEs webpage.

How it could work for you

We already work with a range of Partners who take our system and combine it with their own expertise and value.

Let’s talk about how it could work for you, but it could be as straightforward as:

  1. You take Talent Cloud® for SMEs – and decide either to brand it in your own company livery or that of your client.
  2. You position and package – and invoice – the software with your client. We can take you through the features and how they may work for your clients, to help you decide which features they need.
  3. Our UK-based team will set up the system in days, upload via spreadsheet the employee details, manage the processes and provide reports to you or your client at defined times.

Take a look at the video to see how our Talent Cloud® software looks and then let’s start a conversation about how we can work together. Complete the form, or give us a call.