What if… you could increase productivity?

Getting more from your employees and managers is about focusing on – and achieving – more tightly defined objectives and taking action to engage with your people.  

We know that 80% of those that implement an online performance management process witness a greater achievement of objectives by their people – and research shows that engaging your people improves business metrics in almost every area.

But how can you achieve this increase in productivity ?

Start with what you already do; look at your current performance practices and build from there.

In your review of where you are on your performance management journey, you’ll no doubt look at how you up-skill your managers to have better performance conversations and how you track and monitor performance.

Your people will benefit from an always-accessible, online space so they may see the direct link between what they are doing and the overall objectives of the team and the organisation.

We can help you to take stock, plan the steps to take and then support you as you do this – and we can work with you to demonstrate the impact on the business.

  • Our Talent Performance tool gives you an accessible, easy-to-use on-line tool through which everyone can track their own performance objectives and how they progress against these. It gives them a ‘wall’ on which people can post feedback giving instant feedback on how they are doing – and we’ll even guarantee a return on the investment you make in Talent Performance.
  • Our Talent En-Gauge employee engagement survey and analytics tool helps you to plan, target and implement engagement – and re-engagement – activities.

We know the importance of getting it right when you introduce new software and processes, so we’re with you every step of the way. We will  train your Administrators and be there for them when they need support and answers.

If you are looking to increase productivity – or to measure the ROI from your performance management, please get in touch.

  • We were very clear at the outset that we wanted this new approach to performance feedback and management to be driven by the individual: it is to be their responsibility to seek out and record feedback – rather than their manager.

    Jenny Barnes, MeetingZone

  • Head Light takes the time to understand us

    Sue Scouler-Davison, Travis Perkins

  • Working with Head Light’s business psychologists gave us a great sounding board to check out our ideas and provided a different perspective to our thinking.

    Peter Dawes, Horsham District Council

  • The system is impressive and the possibilities are endless.

    Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police

  • As we develop our own performance management capabilities, it’s great to know that Talent Performance keeps pace with us, and at no extra cost.

    Jenny Barnes, MeetingZone