What if… you could determine who to develop into your future leaders?

When you identify those with the potential to progress – and implement a robust process to review talent – you develop your future leaders.

But it can be more than that as, in implementing a process to identify, review and develop talent, you are also creating an environment for strong engagement. In organisations where potential is identified early on, and a succession plan is in place, people are more engaged, they develop their own career plan and understand the next step to take.

When Talent Reviews are embedded within the talent management strategy, no-one with potential is overlooked.

But how can you identify those with potential?

Identifying those with potential requires to you to pinpoint, highlight and flag those capable of progression.  Does your current talent appraisal or review process do this?

You’ll also want to create and deploy a talent review process which evaluates all your people objectively and with rigour.

From this you can develop informed succession plans and support career progression through targeted development.

Our range of tools can support you as you look to pinpoint the leaders of the future.

  • Talent Performance gives you an accessible, easy-to-use on-line tool through which everyone can track their own performance objectives and how they progress against these. It gives them a ‘wall’ on which people can post feedback giving instant feedback on how they are doing.
  • Talent 360 has a unique feature which helps you develop your own high potential indicator – invaluable for spotting the leaders of the future.
  • Talent Successor provides the ability for you to build and monitor talent pools for the roles you see as being significant or in need of a future succession plan.
  • Talent Navigator offers your people to plan and map their career through your organisation: when they see their future path mapped out and decide to stay, you can better plan for talent succession.

And we’re with you every step of the way as you do this; we know the importance of getting it right when you introduce new software and processes.

  • We can guide and support you as you look to develop the Talent Review process and Talent Management Strategy.
  • We’ll train your Administrators in our software and be there for them when they need support and answers.
  • Our consulting team will make sure that our tools fit with your processes and business: we know that there is no ‘one size fits all’.

If you’re ready to look at how you can identify potential, please get in touch.

  • Head Light challenged our thinking and helped us explore what we really wanted from our programme.

    Annette Cairns, Ramsay Health Care

  • The system is impressive and the possibilities are endless.

    Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police

  • Using Talent 360 has given our managers an easy-to understand process and a sharp focus on the development areas needed. The feedback has been positive regarding the reports and the value of the information they give.

    Peter Dawes, Horsham District Council

  • 93% of those who have been through the WM360 process agreed or strongly agreed that the WM360 system was easy to use and 96% agreed or strongly agreed that the report useful and easy to understand.

    Samantha Darby, IEWM

  • There are other 360 systems on the market but we didn’t find any which matched Head Light’s Talent® software for flexibility and usability.

    Clare Hannah, DB Cargo