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360 Feedback Good Practice Guide

Good Practice Guide for 360

Get the most from deploying a 360 programme by reading our Good Practice Guide

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Quick and easy feedback

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Key Areas for Development

Configurable 360 review uses your key competencies or behaviours – and highlights the key areas of development

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Select Raters Easily

Easy-to-use interface makes selecting raters for 360 degree feedback straightforward – and shows progress of review

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Strengths, weaknesses
and blind spots

Clearly identify areas of focus for development for individuals, groups, successors and teams

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360 Scores

See how leaders and managers are perceived differently by those they work with

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360 Heat Map

Carry out group training needs analysis, identify what's driving high potential and compare your leaders

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360 degree feedback software – spot potential,
pinpoint development focus, embed recognition

Talent 360 takes online 360-degree feedback well beyond other tools in the market.

The benefits of online 360 reviews are well known. They provide a baseline for employee personal and professional development, provide an insight into workforce development needs and identify high potential and future leaders.

Head Light’s Talent 360 gives you this – and more.

Encourage and create a feedback culture. While each employee gets to understand the areas for development, they also, thanks to the platform’s kudos capability, discover those areas that are valued, and appreciated, by others. No other 360 system has this built in.

Make 360 relevant and easy to use. Successful 360 deployments depend on their ease of use – and their perceived relevance. Talent 360 can be shaped and configured to reflect your own organisation – its language, needs and structure – more so, we believe, than other comparable platforms.

Build our 360-degree feedback software into your talent practices to:

  • Develop a culture of feedback and recognition: unique ‘kudos’ capability allows for real-time feedback and appreciation.
  • Empower individuals: self-insight to feed into trackable development plans.
  • Identify future leaders: spot those with the critical competencies your organisation needs.
  • Gain clarity on current and future skills gaps: benchmark against your future plans.
  • Spot areas of strength and development need: built-in heatmaps provide instant visuals.
  • Run analytics: create benchmarks and direct learning.
  • Pinpoint action: at-a-glance, real-time dashboards and in-depth, usable reports
  • Embed your competencies: reflect your language, your framework and your workflow.

Ready for the next step?

Book a call. Let’s talk about what you and your organisation need, see how Talent 360 works and explore how it might help.

Read our online 360 product flyer for an overview of Talent 360.

Talent management software for SME

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    Talent 360 Summary Features

    • Multi-lingual interface and preferred language settings
    • Amend the text of all e-mails sent by the system
    • Functionality to create own assessments
    • Automatic Development Options
    • End-user functionality to create own rating scales, BARS & Likert
    • Word cloud functionality to support feedback session
    • Heatmap to enable competency comparison across leaders
    • Define anonymity and confidentiality settings by respondent group
    • Automatic generation of e-mails in accordance with milestones
    • Status Dashboards with auto and manual reminder
    • Generate Feedback Quality Scores
    • A Save As You Go option
    • Ability to use benchmark data in personal reports as a comparison set
    • To create comparison & team reports

    Get in touch for a full feature listing.

    Request a full feature list

    Watch our Talent 360 videos

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    Getting More From 360 -
    Facilitated Feedback

    Find out why up-skilling in-house
    L&D and talent leaders to facilitate
    360 can be more beneficial than
    outsourcing this.

    Watch the video

    Getting more from 360 – Extending its ApplicationSlideshow circle

    Getting more from
    Talent 360

    Get more from your investment
    in 360, by extending its use with
    teams and across the organisation

    Watch the video

    Getting More From 360 - Choosing the right scaleSlideshow circle

    Getting more from
    Talent 360

    Using analytics tools
    in Talent 360

    Watch the video

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    Introducing Keys
    & Eyes Lenses

    Features to help you identify
    and report 360 results

    Watch the video

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    Introduction to
    Talent 360

    See how Talent 360 works
    to gather, combine and
    report on 360 reviews

    Introduction to Talent 360

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    Introducing 360
    degree feedback

    Learn the 3 fundamentals
    to get in place when
    implementing 360 degree

    Introducing 360 degree feedback

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    Using 360 to
    spot potential

    Hear the steps to go
    through when using 360
    degree feedback to spot
    high potential

    Using 360 to spot potential

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    How to use 360 to inform
    succession planning

    If you’ve been asked to give feedback on or review a colleague, learn how best to approach this

    How to use 360 to inform succession planning

    360 succession planning

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    Client Case: Talent 360
    at Ramsay Health Care

    Hear how Ramsay Health
    Care uses Talent 360 to
    develop the competencies
    of its leaders

    360 at Ramsay Health Care

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    How to give feedback
    as part of 360 degree

    If you’ve been asked to give feedback on or review a
    colleague, learn how best to approach this

    How to give feedback as part of 360 degree feedback

    how to give 360 degree feedback

    Book a Talent 360 Demo

    We’d love to explore with you how our 360 degree feedback software may support you – and we can do this by taking you through a demonstration.

    Please complete the form and we’ll get back to you to confirm and send you details.

    In summary, Talent 360 will:

    • Gather 360 degree feedback from multiple sources to give your employees clear insight into their current behaviours
    • Flag where the gaps are between present and desired behaviour and competence
    • Inform and create more relevant individual development plans
    • Identify those people with high potential
    • Give you painfree management of the process and aggregation and presentation of the results

    Good Practice Guide

    Our Good Practice Guide for Using 360 degree feedback will take you through how to implement and manage a 360 degree approach and how best to plan and structure the facilitator feedback session.

    You can request to get the first section sent straight to you – and then decide if you want to read the rest.

    Become a partner

    The Talent 360 technology is available to partner organisations that want to make use of its power and flexibility to run branded a 360 review for their clients.

    Visit our Consulting Partners page for more details.

    • By focusing on the quality of the platform and the flexibility of the report, Head Light do the stuff that is needed to allow an L&D team to use the platform in the way we want.

      Philip Allen, Travis Perkins

    • We are extremely happy with the Software and the whole process of the Talent 360 platform provided by Head Light and the service we have had from our rep has been brilliant and based on building really strong client relationships.

      Michael Keeler-Walker, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

    • Easy to use, modern, and very flexible; Talent Cloud can -and has- really evolved with us.

      Allison Miller, Muñoz Group

    • The team’s ‘can-do’ attitude, responsiveness and total commitment to effective implementation has meant that Talent 360 has added real value to the SSP Academy Live site.

      Lee Sheldon, SSP


    • The system is impressive and the possibilities are endless.

      Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police

    • There’s a clever part of the Head Light system which allows us to identify specific areas which indicate high potential: I’d not seen that before and it’s proved highly valuable to us.

      Glynis Hammond, British Transport Police

    • Head Light challenged our thinking and helped us explore what we really wanted from our programme.

      Annette Cairns, Ramsay Health Care

    • There are other 360 systems on the market but we didn’t find any which matched Head Light’s Talent® software for flexibility and usability.

      Clare Hannah, DB Cargo

    • I get fantastic support as a user. The system is very user-friendly and intuitive, and has a huge capability.

      Samantha Paget, Gain Theory