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Work Towards your Next
Career Step

Show your employees where
they stand against a future
career step so they can focus
their efforts

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Focus development

Flag the key areas of skill gap based on selected career paths which can inform career conversations

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Role Finder

Access the database of roles to open up careers throughout the organisation

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Set Career Goals

Gives your employees a view of how and when career steps may play out

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Your Next Career Step

Engage and retain employees by creating a vision of their career with you

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Individual career ownership through career path mapping

Talent Navigator enables employees to create – and work through – their own meaningful career paths based on their aspirations, interests and strengths.

Creating career paths and exploring their impact is fundamental to having meaningful and actionable career conversations with a line manager.

Head Light’s Talent Navigator empowers your employee to manage their career.

Engage and retain talent. You’ll engage your employees in mapping out their future with your organisation – and support managers in the conversation.

Spot the skills gaps. Talent Navigator also identifies skills gaps – and signposts relevant learning to help individuals prepare for the next role.

Talent Navigator provides the framework to help employees map multiple career path scenarios, review role competencies and plan next steps. It puts employees in control of their career and encourages them to be accountable for their own development.

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    Talent Navigator Summary Features

    • Multi-lingual interface and preferred language settings
    • Create Skills, Capability, Qualification Frameworks
    • Administrator to ‘connect’ roles together using progressions
    • Role profiles can include ‘Day in the Life’ free text in html
    • Ability to search for and create favourite roles
    • Ability to store career paths created using Path Finder and/or Path Builder tools
    • Ability to show overall summary information that allows the comparison of different paths
    • End-user functionality to edit an About Me skill profile
    • Reports include summary usage, average number of career paths, most common favourite roles etc

    Get in touch for a full feature listing.

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    Using this career path mapping software will:

    • Enhance internal mobility.
    • Encourag upskilling and reskilling.
    • Focus development planning and career conversations based on real information.
    • Show employees possible career routes and unseen opportunities.
    • Promote greater accountability for own career development.
    • Create greater cross-divisional and functional working.
    • Offer insights for succession planning.
    • Provide the basis for an Academy to develop higher performance within a specific function (e.g., sales).

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    Introduction to
    Talent Navigator

    See how Talent Navigator
    helps employees to explore
    career paths and maps their

    Introduction to Talent Navigator

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    Getting started with
    Talent Navigator

    Shows how employees start
    to map their own career

    Getting started with Talent Navigator

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    Taking Career Conversations
    to the Next Level

    Help your employees understand
    their future career paths with you -
    and show them roles they might
    not yet have considered.

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    In summary, Talent Navigator will:

    • Help your employees to take responsibility for their own career planning within your organisation
    • Take the pressure away from line managers and HR to map out career paths
    • Incorporate your own organisation’s typical routes and competencies
    • Flag areas for development and training to the employee based on the career path
    • Let employees try out different career paths in a confidential environment
    • Inform succession plans by uncovering hidden talents and aspirations

    Become a partner

    The Talent Navigator technology is available to partner organisations that want to make use of its power and flexibility to support their clients’ career planning activities.

    Visit our Consulting Partners page for more details.

    • I have found working with Head Light really easy.

      Allison Miller, Muñoz Group

    • Head Light provides great products, but also great business psychology based consulting to help us implement them for the greatest impact. Our organisation is complex and they have helped us simplify and harmonise what we do.

      Clare Hannah, DB Cargo

    • I get fantastic support as a user. The system is very user-friendly and intuitive, and has a huge capability.

      Samantha Paget, Gain Theory

    • Working together with Head Light’s practical business psychologists gave us a great sounding board to check out our ideas and provided a different perspective to our thinking. It meant that we could still own the project internally and for it not to be seen as an external consultancy exercise, but still being able to draw on Head Light’s expertise and experience.

      Peter Hawes, Horsham District Council

    • We know we have made the right choice.

      Clare Hannah, DB Cargo

    • Working with Head Light is a really positive experience.

      Alison Sercombe, Thames Valley Police